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Numair + Daine sketchdump by Deisi
Numair + Daine sketchdump
On a lark, I picked up an old favorite, The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce.  Daine was my favorite Pierce heroine as a kid, and after being underwhelmed re-reading Alanna, I thought it was time to see if I really am old and grouchy.  Turns out I'm only partially old and grouchy--- I still like Daine and her magic, although I get more uppity about character inconsistencies/random plot devices than I used to.  The first book is by far my favorite --- the last two leave me a little muddled.

Numair always seemed a little half-baked to me.  He has this cool backstory that we get hints at--- imprisonment, fallout with family/friends, working as a street performer, etc.--- but Pierce sort of drops all that in the narrative after Daine finds out about it, which to me robs the reader of the chance to really make that emotional connection.  In the end, I find him kind of hard to pin down.  Is he a ladies' man?  Socially awkward book nerd?  Ultra-powerful mage?  Street magician at heart?  A bully ("Daine, WEAR A DRESS!")?  A sweetheart ("You're alive!")?

BUT dang if he doesn't make me want to draw wizard magic!  So here's a bunch of magic sketches, some inane doodles, some nicer doodles to make up for it, and then one last inane doodle to finish it off.  I like the description about the air appearing to bend around him when he's doing hot shot mage stuff, so that's what him sitting against the wall is all about (at Pirate's Swoop, during the siege).  I like that idea--- I feel like if magic were real, that's more of what it would look like, more subtle than the smoke-and-sparks we use in books and movies to get the idea across.

Anyway, carry on.  Photoshop CS6, Wacom Graphire 4 tablet.
Sluice by Deisi
I'm really drawn to large-scale, not-too-finished pieces, but I seem to be incapable of making them myself.  I tried to force myself to overcome this by mostly working zoomed out to about 33 percent and focusing more on form than details.  

Same character as in my Steward of the Forest piece.  

Photoshop CS 6, Wacom Graphire 4 tablet
Steward of the Forest by Deisi
Steward of the Forest
A character from a project I've been working on.  

Continuing my pursuit of depth and color balance.

Also, you know those people who are like, "oh, this is just a little speed paint I did for therapy"?  I am physically incapable of being that person.  I start a piece intending for it to be something quick and light, and then a week later I'm like DID I ADD ENOUGH MUSHROOMS??????

Photoshop CS 6, Wacom Graphire 4 tablet


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
While nearly pursuing a career in art, I decided to leave it a hobby in order to follow my other passion: bringing people closer to nature in a responsible way.

Favorite style of art: Original

Favorite cartoon characters: Bugs Bunny, the Flash, Calvin & Hobbes, Freckle McMurray, Wick Sable, the Shrub Monkeys trio

Inspired by: Loish's luscious use of color and depth, KTShy's spirited fluidity and unconfined body language, Tracyjb's glorious attention to detail and oh-so-relatable facial expressions, Shoomlah's bold and bright simplicity, Makani's steady style and wit, Pauline Baynes' (Narnia) gorgeous mystery and natural whimsy, and Bill Watterson's (Calvin and Hobbes) comic timing, animated motion, and lifelong lessons.

Pet Peeves: Seeing Memebase memes on DeviantArt. (and making the front page! Come on, people!!)


No journal entries yet.

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Sure, that would be great!  Thanks for letting me know!  
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