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Arlen by Deisi
Arlen is Queen Mona's youngest brother and completes the party that will attempt to traverse the Silverwood Mountains.  Rash and unsubtle, he's often being pulled out of trouble by his older brother Colm.  He's a fair shot with his atlatl, which he calls the Bird of Prey.  But even the deadliest weaponry might not be enough to protect them in the mysterious, pathless slopes of the Silverwood...
Colm by Deisi
After careful persuasion, Mona convinces Mae to lead her through the Silverwood Mountains despite the risks.  Joining them are Mona's two brothers.  Colm is quiet and thoughtful and often serves to ground his imperious sister.  The invasion of their country has left him with a burden much heavier than the pack on his back.
Mona by Deisi
What news does Mae uncover during her exile?  She learns that Queen Mona, presumed to be executed in the invasion of her country, is not dead, but alive and seeking to reclaim her rightful throne.  Mona's attempts to return to her enslaved country have been thwarted by the pathless slopes of the Silverwood Mountains, Mae's homeland.  Meeting Mae might just be the opportunity she's been hoping for...
Mae by Deisi
Mae is the protagonist of Woodwalker.  Once an esteemed Woodwalker in the Royal Guard, she was exiled from her home for speaking out against the king.  For five years, she wanders foreign lands until she uncovers powerful, dangerous news.

WHAT NEWS IS THIS?  Stay tuned...
Woodwalker by Deisi
Apologies for my long silence--- I'm spending the summer working as a park ranger in Yellowstone, and bison outnumber Wifi signals 500 to one.  But I have an exciting new project I'm finally ready to share with you.  About a year ago, I started writing a novel, and to make a long and emotionally exhausting story short, last week I signed with agent Valerie Noble of Donaghy Literary Group to represent it to publishers.  Anyone familiar with this industry knows what a big step this is--- some authors query dozens and dozens of agents before finding one that will sign with them.  Now we're in the process of pitching my manuscript to publishers.

My novel is called WOODWALKER and tells the story of a desperate, daring quest to reclaim a conquered country.  I've described it to others as two parts backpacking, one part political intrigue, a tablespoon of herbalism, a generous pinch of entomology, and a dash of romance (mix well and bake at gender egalitarianism degrees Fahrenheit).  Fans of Young Adult adventures will hopefully find it a fitting member of their bookshelves.

I'll be posting more character sketches and, if things go well, some storyboards that set up the plot.  I've posted two pieces from this project on DeviantArt already, Steward of the Forest, an early concept of my protagonist, and Sluice, a concept of the main setting for the book.  If you want to find out more about the characters and plot, you can check out my website, Emily B. Martin.  I'm also on Twitter now, @EmilyBeeMartin.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
While nearly pursuing a career in art, I decided to leave it a hobby in order to follow my other passion: bringing people closer to nature in a responsible way.

Favorite style of art: Original

Favorite cartoon characters: Bugs Bunny, the Flash, Calvin & Hobbes, Freckle McMurray, Wick Sable, the Shrub Monkeys trio

Inspired by: Loish's luscious use of color and depth, KTShy's spirited fluidity and unconfined body language, Tracyjb's glorious attention to detail and oh-so-relatable facial expressions, Shoomlah's bold and bright simplicity, Makani's steady style and wit, Pauline Baynes' (Narnia) gorgeous mystery and natural whimsy, and Bill Watterson's (Calvin and Hobbes) comic timing, animated motion, and lifelong lessons.

Pet Peeves: Seeing Memebase memes on DeviantArt. (and making the front page! Come on, people!!)


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Sure, that would be great!  Thanks for letting me know!  
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